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Drying module

Drying module

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    • Device for drying printed objects by means of screen-printing, pad printing or shrink foil.
    • Tunnel for drying T-shirts, plastisol paints, for glass, metal, forms etc.
    • Support, metal construction, aesthetic design.
    • Conveyor belt is made of a mesh covered with Teflon.
    • Height adjustment start/finish up to 20 cm.
    • Convenient and easy-to-use tunnel.
    • Power supply: AC380V / 230V, 1/3 phase, 6kW power
    • Soft temperature control - max 180 C
    • Heating section length 60 cm, total length 150 cm
    • 60cm belt width
    • Max object height 28cm
    • Soft adjustable belt speed 1-10 m / min
    • Weight approx. 150KG


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