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Ticab Printing System TPS

Ticab Printing System TPS

Industrial inkjet printer for large-format non-contact printing of small runs: from 1 to several thousand copies . The printer allows you to apply images on absorbent materials - paper, wood, fabric, etc. A four-color CMYK palette and a resolution of 1,200 nozzles per inch of each color allows you to get images of high definition and quality. The pigments in the ink are resistant to fading, scratches and moisture. The dimensions of the printing area are up to 29.7 cm x 91.44 cm. It is implemented on the basis of Hewlett-Packard thermal jet printing technology

  • 1. Print head with HP Fl-1000 module.

    2. Software TICAB-print.

    3. Positioning system with a mechanism for feeding printing material (conveyor) and a control panel.

    4. Table & receiver.


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